The Diet Plan with Supplements Use For Weightless

HCG, The Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, is the recently most popular ingredient that is used in the treatment of weight loss. The HCG is the hormone which is the pregnancy indicator and is usually found in the pregnant womens and is produced by the placenta. The Simeons assumed what will happen if this HCG is taken into non pregnant and he found different results and the top result being the weight loss. One can get or collect information about HCG in this Ural There are different doses available and accordingly it is prescribed by a physician. Depending upon the need for the patient, the dose may be high or low.

Precaution to be taken into account:

Without the guidance of a registered medical practitioner carrying out the diet plan with HCG, is dangerous. Usually the HCG diet is taken along with a daily diet of 500 calories and they don’t allow the exercise also. The intake of oily items and other such items should be avoided. To know more details about the do and don’ts, you can surf through

HCG formulations:

There are a number of different types of formulations available in HCG and dosage depends upon the need of the patient.


  • Initially, the endocrinologist, Simeon created a diet plan in which he includes having a cup full of coffee or tea daily and then only one vegetable to be taken strictly.
  • If they prefer non vegetarian then they may take fish without fat or lean meat.
  • Then they can take a piece of bread and a piece of any fruit. The recommended fruits are apple, strawberry, grapes and oranges.
  • Consuming any sugar or starch is strictly to be avoided.
  • Having foods in restaurants is strictly to be avoided.

This diet plan is usually called as the low calorie diet.